TEDxVail Women

TEDxVail Women


Wed, 2012-12-05 15:30 - 20:30

joins the global community in continuing the conversation that will start at this year’s TEDxWomen event in Washington, D.C.  From TEDxVailWomen's The Space Between, you'll hear leading‐edge innovators and powerful ideas from women and girls: TEDx talks - hosted by Eve Ensler, with live talks from Sharon Shay Sloan, Eliana Gilad, Andrea Lo, Shannon Galpin, and locals Judith Landau and Susie Kincade. This engaging experience is an independently organized TED event. Dinner will be included.

From the space between conversation and action lies a gap of provocative ideas and threads from previous TEDxWomen conferences. The Space Between will explore how women are less likely to approach subjects from a black‐or‐white perspective, focusing instead on the gray area in between. There is a curiosity in wanting to explore what is in between extremes, to gain the big picture and find the areas where we need more understanding and perhaps compromise. Women know that this is where life happens—the places in between.

Sharon Shay Sloan bridges generation, language, and culture through council to the world's indigenous people with the WILD Foundation.

Eliana Gilad evokes personal leadership through resonant voice, rhythm and music, revealing each person's aliveness through ancient sounds in the moment.

Andrea Lo is the founder and CEO of Piggybackr, a platform that teaches youth how to raise money for their causes while learning 21st Century skills.

Shannon Galpin inhabits the third gender role as an honorary male with the freedom to push on gender barriers, advancing women's rights in Afghanistan. Founder of the nonprofit organization, Mountain2Mountain, Shannon became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan in 2009, and that thread of mountain biking has continued through her work and the belief that bikes are transformational, even in a war zone. Shannon has been named one of National Geographic’s 2013 Adventurers of the Year.

Dr. Judith Landau, a child, family, and community neuropsychiatrist, specializes in the trauma between secrets and resilience. Her cross cultural exploration of addiction has for more than 30 years taught that the keys to resilience lie in our capacity for positive connectedness across generations. She has 200 publications and protocols in more than 100 countries through the UN, WHO, and several international governments.

Susie Kincade, the first woman ever to compete on a men’s collegiate athletic team-diving for UCLA, is the founder of Women’s Empowerment Workshop, connecting mind, body and spirit through nature adventure retreats. Susie will speak about the legacy we leave generations of all beings 200 years into the future.