Free Internet

Free Internet

Free WiFi Keeps You Connected on Your Vail Ski Vacation

Just because you’re getting away from it all, doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected when you use Simba Run's Wi-Fi. Whether you need to keep in touch for business or pleasure, you'll find it easy to use. Take advantage of your down town time, be productive and find our free Wi-Fi on your laptop, tablet, handheld, or PDA.

Check your email, monitor your stocks, get the latest weather report, and even connect to your corporate network. All you need is a Wi-Fi 802.11(b) wireless card for your laptop or PDA and you'll quickly be able to connect to the web.  Staying in touch with your friends, family, or office is as easy as opening your browser. Take your laptop to the lobby to catch up in our lobby, by the pool, or in your condo. If you already have a wireless card, connecting is simple.

Not really a computer whiz? Not to worry, our friendly front desk and maintenance staff can help you with any technical difficulties, and are on hand to sort out Wi-Fi issues.  For more information about free Wi-Fi in Vail or to book a room, contact Simba Run today!